Special occasions pin badges & cake poke pattern



Special occasions pin badges & cake poke pattern #226

They are super easy: print, cut, glue and done. It takes simple supplies.
These are super easy badges to celebrate Special occasions in our lives! The Wedding set includes a badge for both Bride & Groom...great for bridal showers & bachelor parties. Give Mom a Mother's Day badge & Dad a Father's day badge to show your love. The Happy Birthday badge tells everyone who's special day it is! All kids want a special award badge..it gives them great pride. Badges can be made in small & large size.
The cake pokes are also fun and easy...so sweet in a cake or in a vase with flowers. Ruffles are easy & inexpensive to make using crepe paper or party streamers. Make one for all your loved ones!

large badge :4 1/4" x 9", Small badge:2 1/2" or 3" x 6".
Cake pokes: 3 3/4" round...not including stick length. All you need are ribbons/trims, old paper from a book, glue, glitter, crepe paper or party streamers, and pinbacks.