French Ornaments & tree star pattern

Item Description

French Ornaments & tree star pattern #237

These are super easy ornaments to Celebrate Christmas or hang anytime of the year! There are 15 different french words or sayings. Each Ornament is 2 sided, looks go from both sides. They can be made into pins too!

Sayings included are: Oui, Love, Queen of everything, Diamonds rock!, Kiss, Marie Antoinette, Ooh la la, Paris, Queen, Eiffel tower, Let them eat cake, Merci, Pretty in Pink, Yummy, and crown. Star says- Bow to the queen. Ruffles are easy to make using party streamers. This is a very inexpensive craft to make, great for shows!

Each ornament Measures: 2 1/2" x 4 1/2".
Star measures:6 1/2" x 7".

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