Dracula art doll

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Going batty on an evil harvest moon....sweet Dracula doll.
He is ready for a Halloween party!

I designed,made and painted this very sweet Vampire doll... he is primitively stitched and constructed.  He measures from head to toes: 17 1/2" long x 7" wide(with arms down at sides). This is new, made to look old. It is signed and dated.

He is machine free motion stitched.  He has a black cape. He also has a count Dracula medal (glittery on chest of red and gold) and cute little striped pants. He has a sign to hold with a saying "Sometime in the middle of the night".  He has lil white teeth....cute purple fabric on arms and lots of trims.  He has a pocket with deadly wool flowers. 

 (This listing is for Dracula only).

He will look incredible in your holiday decorations....watching over you and your family.  This is not for children.